PENSON’S Picks: Halloween Special

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays of the year, not only because it involves dressing up and sugar, but also because it’s a great opportunity to spook up your house with the best in gothic garments for one night only. If you’re throwing a party this Hallows Eve then this is the blog post for you, with easy tips for crafts you can do yourself or get the kids involved with to make sure your house looks miles better than your friend’s (because we all know that’s what really counts) even when you’re doing it all on a shoestring or working against the clock.

On A Budget Or Against The Clock

1) Boo Bottles

Boo Bottles

For a quick and easy way to get all of your guests feeling Halloween-esque, start collecting some glass bottles a few weeks in advance of your party. Once you’ve got a substantial amount, spray paint them white and draw on a ghostly face, then leave them out for party-goers to use for their drinks. Even when they’re not being used they’ll act as a subtle mini-decoration. We found this idea in a video featuring Instacraft, take a look here.

2) Halloween Jars


Obviously by now you should have dimmed your lights to the most shadow-enhancing level, and these halloween luminaries act as a perfect way to add a little more light to the room without ruining the atmosphere. Just save up some old jam and coffee jars and then coat them in glue and cover them in coloured tissue paper. Then either use a black marker or black card to create various shapes which ensure people know they’re a part of the decoration and you haven’t just lost your mind. Pop a tea light candle inside – or a string of christmas lights for something a little different – and you’re good to go. (Thanks to Julie at Gleeful Things for the inspiration with this one).

3) Stop Dusting


If you’re willing to really commit to this party – or if you’re lazy enough that this isn’t too much of a stretch for you (no judgement here!) – then you can do something completely free to really add some authenticity to your creepy haunted party: just stop dusting. A couple of weeks without running a hoover or a cloth through your house and you’ll have a thin layer of dust over your surfaces. Enough to make guests wonder how you got things to look so real, not enough that they wonder whether it’s hygienic for them to be there. Along the same lines as this technique, you could also make sure you go around the house before your attendees arrive and make all of your photo frames and wall hangings a little crooked – simple but effective!

4) Christmas Ornaments

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 14.35.59

A little paper-mache, last year’s Christmas ornaments and some paint is all you need to create hanging Halloween ornaments that you can use to decorate your walls, your ceilings, and probably even yourself. Providing you do a good job with the paint these will be a subtle but noticeable touch to any party, head over to Mod Podge for a full length tutorial.

5) Spider Sacks


Spider sacks are my personal favourite of this collection of tips, not only because of how cheap they are to make or how great the finished product looks, but because making them looks like so much fun. With a “you will need” list featuring string, glue and water balloons you’re guaranteed a great time. The yarn needs to be soaked in glue so needs a day or two to dry out before the sacks will be ready to use, so I wouldn’t get started on this one unless you have some time on your hands before the big day! Find a full tutorial at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

6) Vampire Napkins & Spiderweb Coasters

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 12.20.27

Turn your dinner party into a bloodbath (a tasty one) with this vampire napkin, made by splashing red food dye onto a napkin and tying in some plastic teeth with a piece of string, and these spiderweb coasters, consisting of five hairclips, twine, plastic spiders and washers. The materials are cheap and the method is easy – not to mention speedy. These will add the perfect horror touch to any sit down meal, or even a buffet. Find out how with the tutorial on YouTube.

On A Permanent Basis

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 17.03.55






A modern city twist on the classic gothic house.

We’re pretty sure the majority of you aren’t being persuaded to invest in a gothic Victorian mansion by the holiday season or by us, but it wouldn’t be a Halloween post without towers and turrets that look like they’ve fallen straight out of Casper. We hope the other decor suggestions gave you some great ideas and inspiration though, and if you liked this post you should probably take a look at our Pinterest, where we share pictures like this on a daily basis.

That’s it from us. Have fun dressing up, scaring yourself silly and overdosing on junk food – Happy Halloween.

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